Best Natural Supplement For Depression

Carvacrol Oil is the best natural supplement for depression

Oregano Oil, which contains Carvacrol Oil, beat Fluoxetine (Prozac) and Diazepam in an antidepressant test on mice called the sucrose preference test[2].

And this was just normal Oregano oil that contained 6% Carvacrol Oil. It is now available cheaply with 55% Carvacrol Oil.

Carvacrol works differently from most other antidepressants. A lot of antidepressants work through the serotonin system, making you feel good. Carvacrol oil relieves depression through the dopamine system[3]

Dopamine is often referred to as “the motivation neurotransmitter”. It is heavily involved in motivation and reward processing. In these studies Carvacrol Oil increased dopamine levels by upto 60% in parts of the brain.

All that extra dopamine and motivation really helps you get up and go. It can help you work towards other healthy behaviours too like exercise and healthy eating. And it can help you work hard towards your own personal goals and dreams.

It Makes Exercise More Effective

Dopamine is heavily involved in reward processing[4]. A study on exercise and major depression showed that some participants got a 55% reduction in their symptoms just from exercise, but some participants didn’t benefit at all[1].

The difference between these participants was their reward processing, and this supplement works through that same system by increasing dopamine. So as well as relieving depression and helping you get the gym, this supplement will actually help you get more of an antidepressant effect from the exercise. Creating a powerful positive compounding effect.

Which Version To Get

This version from Now Foods was the most cost effective we could see on Amazon, two pills per day is the human equivalent to the dose used in study 3. It is the one that I use personally.

Don’t buy one that doesn’t tell you how much Carvacrol Oil is in it or that just says “proprietary blend” on the box. I highly recommend the softgel pills, the liquid form is like trying to drink acid, even just the smell is very potent.

Time Scale

The benefits of the oil build up over a couple of weeks. In most of the studies participants loaded up for a week first. If you start exercising too the benefits of exercise build up over 8 weeks. If you try it please let me know in the comments how it went.


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