How our brain creates depression – and what does it mean for a cure?

Like my last post we are again looking for an explanation here that makes sense but more importantly shows us what we can do about depression. So there will be no talk of brain chemicals and neurotransmitters.

First we need to define something called Locus Of Control.

Locus Of Control? (“Location” of Control)

< !–more–>When we have a high internal locus of control towards a particular goal then we believe (subconsciously) that we are in control of the outcome. That if we work hard we will achieve a given goal. We are more motivated and much more resilient. We gain pleasure from working hard towards the goal. We feel energised. This increase in subconscious motivation outweighs other feelings too so we become less stressed from setbacks, we become more positive about being able to overcome problems. Everything seems easier. read more

Understanding Depression

The human body is a complex system. So there are many different ways of understanding and describing depression. However the best explanation of depression for us is one that helps us understand what we can to do to alleviate and manage it.

< !–more–>“Low levels of this neurotransmitter affects that brain chemical… blah blah blah” isn’t a very useful explanation unless you are a pharmacist. Another way of explaining depression is to list all the symptoms or what it feels like, this might be useful for forming a diagnosis but not for doing much about it. read more